Kitchen Slicers

Kitchen Slicers

Designed for effortless slicing and grating, our range of food prep products makes meal prep simple. From large family meals to batch cooking for the week ahead, investing in a mandolin slicer creates professional-style slices without the need for meticulous chopping skills. Our all in one kitchen mandolin includes a fine grater, coarse grater, shredder and slicer to suit all your culinary needs.


Cook homemade cottage pie, lasagne, chilli and more with freshly made mince, effortlessly prepared using our handy meat mincer. Avoid the additives and fatty fillers you often find in shop-bought mince; buy your preferred cut of meat, dice and grind in the mincer to make this key ingredient of so many family favourites.


Once you’ve prepped your meals, you need something to cook them in! We also stock a wide range of cookware, with ultra non stick pan sets that include frying pans, saucepans, woks and griddle pans


Prefer to batch cook? No problem – our generous slow cookers allow you to place all your ingredients in the pot, set to cook and let the appliance do all the hard work for you. For larger portions, we even have a dual air fryer available to buy; designed with independent cooking trays so you can prepare multiple ingredients at once.


Established in 1760 and originally a family business, Salter is one of the oldest housewares brands in the UK. Our design team think carefully about how your kitchen works, combining convenient kitchen accessories and small appliances with modern innovations.