Pizza Ovens

Expand your culinary skills and try out new recipes with our innovative pizza ovens – crafted to take your cooking experience to the next level.


Impress guests with a fun-filled garden party – catered for by our outdoor wood pellet pizza oven. Heating up to 500°C in 10 minutes, our portable pizza oven includes a baking board and paddle for an authentic wood-fired pizza  experience. An outdoor pizza oven is not only well suited to cooking pizzas and calzones, use it to enjoy chargrilled meat, fish and vegetables. 


Love to make your own pizza dough from scratch? Our selection of digital kitchen scales include those which show readings in precise micro-measurements, so you can accurately weigh out your yeast, salt, sugar and more before adding to your flour. To make sure your dough is well kneaded, our stand mixers and hand whisks include convenient dough hook attachments.


If the rain thwarts your pizza plans - look no further! Compact in design, our mini ovens and slow cookers allow you to cook tasty meals in smaller settings.


Established in 1760 and originally a family business, Salter is one of the oldest housewares brands in the UK. Our design team think carefully about how your kitchen works, combining convenient kitchen appliances with modern innovations.