Air Fryer Cheese Bites Recipe

Cooked to perfection in our 4.5L Digital Air Fryer EK4221




6 Babybels

2 Eggs, Beaten

150g Chilli Heat Wave Doritos

75g Plain Flour

Marinara Sauce (Optional)



Step 1: Place flour into a bowl

Step 2: Whisk the eggs in a separate bowl

Step 3: Pour Doritos into a resalable sandwich bag and crush with a rolling pin until they become breadcrumbs and place in a bowl

Step 4: Dip the Babybels into the egg mixture, then transfer into the flour until covered, then back into the egg

Step 5: Then into the crushed Doritos, until covered

Step 6: Place the Babybels into the air fryer at 200 degrees for 6-8 minutes until golden

Step 7: Serve with a marinara dipping sauce