Heston Blumenthal Kitchen Scales

Expand your culinary skills and explore your own innovations in the kitchen with Heston Blumenthal’s range of kitchen accessories – including thermometers, timers and scales. Designed in conjunction with Heston Blumenthal and his team, our range of precision kitchen scales and accessories ensure accurate readings time and time again. Heston believes in the ‘science behind cooking’, and the Heston Blumenthal by Salter kitchen scales boast a range of features which make them ideal for use in any kitchen. 


With a high-precision digital display and a 5kg capacity, these scales are perfect for weighing ingredients for recipes with accuracy and ease. The Heston Blumenthal by Salter kitchen scales also have a number of benefits which make them stand out from other scales on the market. Their automatic add and weigh function allows you to easily measure multiple ingredients at once, while their Aquatronic feature allows you to accurately measure liquids in ml or fl oz. The scales are also equipped with an adjustable weighing unit which allows you to switch between metric and imperial measurements, and their large LCD display makes it easy to read the measurements.


Select from a Dual platform model for traditional ingredients, whilst the smaller precision scale is well suited to accurately weighing spices, seasonings and yeast within 0.5 g increments.


For budding home cooks, we have also developed a range of kitchen scales which include digital models and scales with measuring bowls included to save on the washing up. For those who prefer things more traditional, look for our mechanical kitchen scales, complete with large, easy to read dials and pointing needles.