Filter Coffee Machines

Can’t leave the house in the morning without a freshly brewed coffee? You’re not alone, which is why we’ve developed our range of filter coffee machines, ideal for quickly getting a delicious cup of coffee. With models that even have a travel mug included, these appliances are perfect for commuters or parents on the morning school run.


Why choose a filter coffee maker?
These coffee makers take all the effort out of making a tasty brew and help you achieve clean and crisp coffee every time. They heat water to the right temperature before passing it through ground coffee for the perfect drink.


If filter coffee isn’t your thing, you can find lots of other options here. Find bean-to-cup coffee machines for an all-in-one appliance and barista-style coffee makers with built-in milk frothers. And for those with a coffee aversion, why not take a look at our kettles, so you can have a soothing cup of tea instead?