Kitchen & Food Thermometers

Looking for an accurate and reliable way to monitor your cooking temperatures? A Salter Kitchen Thermometer is the perfect kitchen accessory. A cooking thermometer is an essential tool for all chefs, from the professional to the home cook, as it helps you to monitor the internal temperature of your food without having to open the oven or grill. With the ability to accurately measure temperatures from -50°C to 300°C, Salter food thermometers are ideal for all types of cooking, from users of oven roasters & baking trays to saucepans & griddles.


Using a food thermometer is essential for food safety, as it ensures that food is cooked all the way through, helping to prevent food poisoning. Salter thermometers are quick and easy to use; simply insert the probe into the thickest part of the food and, after a few seconds, the temperature will be displayed on the LCD screen. Salter thermometers also feature a range of functions to make cooking more convenient, including a timer, a built-in alarm, and a hold button.


Salter thermometers are made with durable stainless steel probes, making them resistant to heat and corrosion. As well as probe thermometers for meat, we also stock a range of additional kitchen thermometers such as oven thermometers to measure the inner temperature of your kitchen appliance, and a fridge freezer thermometer to monitor those cooler temperatures.


Our kitchen accessories include cutlery sets, timers, reusable straws and so much more – all crafted to help both home cooks and seasoned professional chefs alike. Our design team think carefully about how your home works, combining convenient cookware and kitchen appliances with modern innovations.