Luggage Scales

If you’re a frequent traveller, Salter luggage scales are a must-have - especially if you’re bound to pack more than what your airline allows. Small but mighty, we’ve taken our extended knowledge from our bathroom and kitchen scales, and condensed it into portable devices designed to take the stress out of your packing. Simply hook them onto your bag, lift and then compare the weight displayed against your travel requirements.


Crafted for convenience, our accurate suitcase scales are designed to provide precise weight readings of packed cases and bags, ensuring you don’t end up with excess luggage fees at the check-in counter. Complete with easy-to-read digital displays and one-button operation, our lightweight baggage scales are perfect for storing neatly within your case, so they can travel alongside wherever your adventures take you.


From the UK’s oldest housewares brand, Salter have developed a range of accurate and dependable Health & Lifestyle products designed to enhance your everyday. From essential oil diffusers and massage devices, to Bluetooth blood pressure monitors and medical thermometers, there’s something to suit everyone.