Mechanical & Analogue Kitchen Scales

Salter mechanical kitchen scales are the perfect kitchen accessory for the home baker or cook. Not only do they provide accurate measurements for precise recipes, but they also add a classic touch to any kitchen. With a sleek retro design and a range of colours, these traditional scales are a timeless addition to any kitchen cookware set


Mechanical kitchen scales are incredibly accurate, easy to use and require no power or batteries to operate. They come with a large, easy to read dial that allows you to accurately measure small amounts of ingredients with precision. These food scales are equipped with a tare button which allows you to reset the weight after adding each ingredient, making it easy to measure multiple ingredients in one bowl.


These mechanical kitchen scales offer a number of benefits for the home cook. Unlike digital scales, they provide accurate measurements at a better stability. This makes them great for no-nonsense yet precise recipes such as cakes and tray-bakes. The scales also come with a large bowl which is perfect for measuring a variety of ingredients.


Like all other Salter weighing scales, our analogue kitchen scales allow you to weigh your ingredients out in metric and imperial measurements – suitable for all chefs and a wide range of recipes from cakes to rice-based dishes.