Smoothie Makers

Wave goodbye to shop-bought drinks and say hello to fresh, homemade smoothies. Investing in a smoothie blender means you know exactly what has gone into your glass – without any added preservatives.


Our range of smoothie makers are designed to take the difficulties out of preparing ingredients, with multiple levels of blending power to help reach the right consistency. Sitting neatly on your countertop, using a blender is an easy way to incorporate healthier ingredients into morning drinks - great for disguising all the good stuff for kids (and some grown ups!).


Not just for smoothies, a jug blender also allows you to create soups, sauces and dips with ease. If you’re looking for a blender with ice-crushing capabilities to create refreshing frozen cocktails take a look at our NutriPros.


Some of our smoothie making machines are lighter, including plastic jugs for ease of use. Several are multi-functional by design, including additional containers like food processor bowls for chopping and slicing, or even a sports bottle for protein shakes on-the-go.


More of a casual smoothie drinker? Even if you’re just looking for something more compact, our hand blenders are lightweight and allow for greater control as you blend and puree your ingredients. Using a food blender is a great way to make weaning food recipes as well as drinks.


From one of the oldest housewares brands in the UK our innovative selection of small kitchen appliances has been crafted to take your cooking experience to the next level.