Cake Tins

Established in 1760, Salter is one of the oldest housewares brands in the UK, so we know a thing or two about what makes a great quality cake baking tin. Whether you’re creating a special celebratory centrepiece or just rustling up an accompaniment for afternoon tea, our selection of cake tins has something to suit everyone. Once you’ve prepared your mixture, choosing the correct type of cake pan is a great way to ensure that perfect bake.


Trying out a new banana bread recipe? Take a look at our loaf pans, rectangular in shape with deep sides to ensure even baking. Prefer a sponge cake? We have multiple types of cake tin including non stick cake tins, round pans and even a couple of square pans to suit any recipe. For maximum convenience, we have springform cake tins available for you to buy too – great for use in the oven and even for no-bake desserts like a decadent cheesecake.


Some classic bakes call for a baking pan or a baking tray – whatever you need, we’ve got plenty for you to choose from. From grey Marblestone to patented Megastone non-stick coatings, our design team think carefully about how your kitchen works, combining bakeware products with modern innovations.


Love everything to match? Most of our baking equipment co-ordinates with selected ranges and colourways, so our bakeware sets not only include all the essentials – but they look great too!

Need a helping hand with making your culinary creations? Our stand mixers and kitchen scales have been crafted to take the hassle out of everyday cooking. If you prefer a less hands-on approach, we’ve even got air fryers and mini ovens available to buy to do all the cooking for you.