Digital & Manual Air Fryers

Enjoy the convenience of healthier cooking whilst saving on your energy bills! Using hot air circulation, our Air Fryers require little to no oil, to whip up low fat alternatives of your favourite meals.


Removing the guesswork out of your cooking, our air fryers come with built-in timers to keep track of your cooking progress and a variety of cooking functions, offering limitless possibilities. Have confidence in cooking using our high precision Kitchen Thermometers to ensure your food is thoroughly cooked. 


Not sure which is the right air fryer for you? Salter offers a variety of Compact Air Fryers which is ideal for those living in small homes and apartments. Alternatively, our Dual Air Fryers are perfect for versatile cooking in larger homes, allowing you to cook two types of food simultaneously.


Established in 1760 and originally a family business, Salter is one of the oldest housewares brands in the UK. Our design team think carefully about how your home works, combining convenient kitchenware and small appliances with modern innovations.