Kitchen Utensils

Enhance your cooking skills with our selection of kitchen utensils, designed to assist with multiple food preparation tasks. From spoons and spatulas to tin openers and pizza cutters, whatever the job, we’ve got a tool to help. Some of our utensils are made from durable stainless steel for long-lasting quality, whereas others are made from silicone to protect your favourite pans against marks and scratches. To increase the lifespan of your favourite kitchen essentials simply hand wash and dry after use before storing away.


Love everything to match? We have several co-ordinated kitchen utensil sets available which also tie in with our cookware collections. Our cooking utensils also come as singles, so if you just need an extra fish slice or to replace your old garlic press – we’ve got you covered. 


If you love to cook and indulge in your favourite recipes, our kitchen accessories have been crafted to take the hassle out of everyday cooking. Food prep and batch cooking is easy with our selection of handy appliances, plus our accurate kitchen scales are suited to weighing out liquids, pet treats, dry ingredients and more.