Jug & Bowl Kitchen Scales

Kitchen Scales with Bowls

Not just for baking, our accurate Jug & Bowl Kitchen Scales are suited to weighing out liquids, pet treats, dry ingredients and much more. To save on the washing up, our kitchen scales with bowls include add & weigh functionality - so you can weigh multiple ingredients and mix all in the same container without the need for extra pots. Whether you are a seasoned chef looking for precise readings or a budding home-baker, our range of accurate measuring jug scales make it easy to weigh out what you need.


From the UK’s oldest housewares brand, our innovative kitchen scales are designed to assist with preparing a variety of recipes and to seamlessly match your home. For precise measurements straight from a chef’s kitchen, our Heston Blumenthal Scales are highly accurate and allow you to weigh even the smallest ingredients with total confidence. For those who prefer things more traditional, look for our mechanical kitchen scales, complete with large, easy to read dials and pointing needles. Crafted to suit any kitchen, we have a huge variety of digital scales available in multiple colours, designs and specifications – so it couldn’t be simpler to choose one that suits your décor the best.