Bathroom Scale Covers

Not everything has to stay the same. That’s why our Splash bathroom scale allows you to make a change whenever you want, with a colourful choice of bathroom scale covers available to buy.


When you first purchase a Splash bathroom scale, a versatile Slate Grey removable cover is provided, but why not add a splash of colour with a teal green, indigo blue or blush pink cover. 


Collect your favourite colours to suit your décor and swap the cover whenever you fancy something different. Not only are these silicone covers anti-slip, but they are also easy to clean. They are dishwasher friendly or can simply be wiped clean.


Need something else? Browse all of our spare parts here.


From the UK’s oldest housewares brand, our innovative Salter bathroom scales are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and to seamlessly match your home. Even if you are just keeping an eye on your waistline, our accurate digital scales have been designed to match any bathroom. For the athletes and exercise fans, our fitness scales include various body fat weight scales, which allow you to take accurate readings of your bone mass, body water, BMI and much more.