17th May 2022

Bathroom Scales Buying Guide

Weighing up the Benefits

If you’re looking to kick start your health and fitness journey but you’re lacking the right set of scales to help you along the way then look no further as Salter have got you covered. Whether you’re a regular in the gym, a first timer or looking to get back into the swing of things, we’ve got the perfect set of scales to help you along the way. From Analyser scales to your more traditional mechanical weighing scales we’ve got an option for everyone here at Salter.

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9113 BK3R Salter Compact Glass Analyser Scales

If you’re already on your fitness journey and are looking for a set of scales to really help get to know the finer details of your body composition then our Salter Compact Glass Analyser scales might just be the set of scales for you. Our Salter Compact Glass Analyser Scales help to measure your weight, body fat, BMI, muscle mass and body water percentages based solely off of your height and age.

To measure this, the scales send a small electrical current round the body – this current moves slowly through fat and quicker through muscle. The speed in which the current passes through your body enables the scales to accurately measure your body fat and muscle mass percentages. The current is harmless and cannot be felt, but it can help provide a great insight into your body composition.

Of course, the scales can also be used as conventional weighing scales and with an 8 user memory, the scales can be used by the whole family as both normal weighing scales and the more advanced analyser version depending on what’s required. 

145 BKDR Salter Doctor Style Mechanical Bathroom Scale

If you’re looking for some traditional weighing scales then our Salter Doctor Style Mechanical Bathroom Scales are perfect for you. With no batteries required, all you need to do is simply step on the scales to see your measurements – and be assured these scales will last a lifetime! With measurements shown in both stone and kilogrammes, there’s no need to convert measurements -simply hop on and read. It’s best to use these scales on a flat surface, set to zero and at the same time every day for the most precise results possible.

Ideal for those who are just getting started in their fitness journey and aren’t quite ready to begin tracking body composition, these scales are the perfect addition to your bathroom.

9207 WH3R Compact Glass Electronic Bathroom Scale

If you prefer a digital scale but are still on the market for scales that are solely for tracking any weight changes and aren’t quite ready to track your body composition then our Compact Electronic Scales are the perfect solution. 

They feature an easy to read LCD screen with measurements offered in Kilos, Stones and Pounds. Simply step on the scales for an instant weight reading and you’re done! Designed to be a compact set of scales, they can either be stored flat on the floor for daily used or tucked away in an upright position and taken out when required.

Here at Salter, we only promote the use of our scales alongside a healthy fitness journey. There’s multiple factors that can affect your weight including age, height, activity levels and any medical conditions you may already suffer from. These factors should be taken into account beforehand if you wish to start tracking your weight.