24th Aug 2021

How a Kitchen Scale Can Help You Keep Healthy

How a Kitchen Scale Can Help You Keep Healthy

When it comes to baked goods and other recipes, weighing ingredients is a mindful practice. How many people can say they’ve kept up their New Year’s resolutions so far? Maybe yours was to keep fit and improve the way you eat? Keeping yourself motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle can be tricky, we’ve all been there. In this article we’ll be discussing how your very own kitchen scale can help keep you healthy, it has much more to offer than you think.

No More Guessing Portion Sizes

A great place to start when trying to go down the healthy route is your portion sizes. Without knowing it, a lot of us eat more than we really need to. Are you eating to finish everything on your plate or are you still hungry? Kitchen scales nowadays are equipped with the function to monitor small portion sizes with precision which can be of great use while also being mindful of what you eat.

Accurate Measurements

Once you’ve figured out what is a healthy and balanced diet for yourself, you can start to measure your ingredients which can help you from overeating. Measuring cups and food packaging aren’t always the best guide. But with digital kitchen scales, you can be confident with your measurements. Accurate and consistent measurements are key to get the correct portion sizes!

Monitor Calorie Intake

If you like to be precise while referring to the nutrition label on the food bags, kitchen scales can be of great help! They also assist in measuring the real serving sizes. For example, if the packaging reads that there are 100 calories in 10 grams, which is 10 pieces, however, on placing those 10 pieces on the kitchen scale may not actually weigh 100 grams!

Encourages Healthier Habits 

Weighing your food can encourage healthier eating habits. Once you’ve gotten used to using kitchen scales, you will have a fair estimate of what a healthy portion size and intake may look like. This enables you to be mindful while eating at a restaurant and ordering food off the menu.

Keep Track of Key Nutrients

Knowing your portions have been accurately measured allows you to keep track of your foods nutritional values. Perfect for if you are trying to eat more protein or fewer carbs.⠀

Easy Cooking

With the Add and Weigh feature in kitchen scales, it saves the hassle of using multiple bowls and makes cooking an easy process. You can measure multiple ingredients in one bowl saving your time in the kitchen!