21st Jan 2022

Weighing up - Mechanical, Digital & Analyser Salter Scales

Mechanical, Digital & Analyser Scales – Weighing up the difference

There are hundreds of bathroom scales on the market that come in different shapes, sizes and colours. There are digital, electronic, mechanical, analyser and smart scales… but what does all of this mean, and how do you become smart about your choices when there are so many to choose from?

In short, the decision you make is based largely on how much you would like to know about your body, and how fuss-free you would like to make your encounters with the scales. In this article we will consider the three types of scales that are readily available, and weigh up the benefits of each, to help you choose the perfect fit for you

Salter Doctor Style Traditional Bathroom Scale


Fuss free and dependable. Mechanical scales require no batteries, no buttons, little-to-no setup time, and are a very dependable weighing tool for everyday use. One of the main advantages of using a mechanical scale is that they can be used anywhere, at any time with no worry of losing power or needing batteries replaced, so long as they are placed on the appropriate surface.

The traditional dial face shows precise measurements with the rotating pointer that work to the fraction. More often than not, the dial face will show both imperial and metric units, which saves the trouble of converting between units. This is a great advantage if the scales are being used across a household.

Mechanical scales are often made of more resilient materials, which make them incredibly resistant to knock and bangs. Here at Salter we are so confident in the reliability of these products that we back them with a 15 year guarantee.

If resilience, accuracy and a retro feel is what you are searching for, our mechanical scales may be the one for you. With solid bases, easy to read faces, and anti-slip mats; our broad selection will meet your weight-reading requirements.

Salter Digital Electronic Bathroom Scale


Compact and reliable. Digital scales are stylish around the bathroom, compact enough to be hidden between or under furniture, and the large digital scale face displays accurate measurements over a variety of increments.

Quite simply tap your foot on the platform to activate the scale, and step on for an instant and precise measurement in seconds. The digital scales can be adjusted to your preferred metric by the push of a button, allowing easy conversion for every individual.

Digital scales, of course, do require a source of power. Generally speaking, these types of scales will require batteries, which come included with all of our Salter digital scales. However, there are rechargeable bathroom scales on the market, including our Salter Eco Rechargeable Bathroom Scale, where just ninety minutes of charge will provide up to 3 months of use.

If you have a weight-loss or gain goal in mind, and plan on weighing yourself regularly (more than once a week) to see clear changes in detail and your success, then this type of scale may be the right choice for you!

Salter Bluetooth Analyser Bath ScaleSalter Fitness Bathroom Scale


As well as measuring your weight, smart analyser scales have the ability to show you a wide range of body composition readings, such as body fat percentage, body water percentage, BMI, BMR, muscle mass and bone mass. This is perfect for people who have specific body goals, or would like to track what is happening with their body more closely. For example, you may be disheartened to see the scales increase after a lot of hard work towards your fitness goals, but then be surprised to see that your body fat percentage has decreased and your muscle mass has increased.

Some models of analyser scales may also utilize an application on your mobile device to clearly display a detailed analysis of your results and can store and track your individual progress in one place. The different applications can vary between brands, but their common functionality will include graphs and figures, and some may also link to other health-tracking applications so that all of the data you are interested in can be stored in one place.

How do analyser scales work?

Quite simply, Salter analyser scales use BIA (Bio Impedance Analysis) which pass tiny weak electrical impulses through the body to determine fat and lean tissue.

To put it visually, imagine the impulse travelling up one leg, then all around your body, and then back down the other leg, all whilst measuring the amount of resistance it hits along the way. Fat is a poor conductor of electricity compared to muscle, so the idea is that the more resistance the electrical current experiences, the higher amount of fat there is in the body.

Salter analyser scales use stainless steel plates as the conductor for BIA, with the exception of our Salter Curve Smart Analyser Digital Bathroom Scales that use ITO conductive film. Both materials are effective conductors when used in analyser scales.

So if you are looking to change weight, gain muscle, or become generally healthier, understanding your body composition can be beneficial to make sure you get on the right track and reach your goals.

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