Sensational Celebration Cakes

Posted by Team Salter on 19th Jun 2024

Sensational Celebration Cakes

A birthday cake is the best part of turning one year older, right?

A homemade birthday cake will be remembered and appreciated by the recipient for the thoughtful gesture of a cake being made with love—just for them.

We've rounded up some showstopping cakes that are perfect for kids and big kids too! You don't have to be a star-baker to pull off these recipes and create a magical birthday memory in the form of a delicious cake.

Cupcakes are a great option if you are having a party. You can ensure there is enough to serve everyone, with perfect individual portions and are simple to make and decorate. These Piñata Cupcakes are perfect for serving at any celebration. They may look simple on the outside but will truly delight your guests when they bite into them.

Get the recipe from Tesco here.

The bigger the cake, the better right?

If you are looking to create a BIG cake that will impress the recipient and guests, a rainbow cake is your best bet to delight young and old. This cake is surprisingly easy. If you can make a simple sponge successfully, then all you need is a collection of food colouring. It looks just as beautiful when it's cut open too.

Get the recipe from BBC here.

If you are baking a cake for a child's birthday, you will want to make something that creates a WOW and excites them. And a magic unicorn cake is bound to impress. It's bright and colourful, AND everything on this cake is edible! The golden unicorn horn is an ice cream cone, the ears are biscuit, and of course, there is icing and cake.

Get the recipe from The Spruce Eats here.

Dinosaurs are also a firm favourite with many kids, so if they're not a unicorn lover, this is a great option. Inside the chocolatey volcano is a sumptuous red velvet cake (although you could easily change this to any other flavour of cake). Just like the unicorn cake, all the decorative elements are edible, which is sure to delight many children (and adults). The coconut grass, edible rocks, chocolate lava, and fondant dinosaur make this a real showstopper.

Get the recipe from BBC here.

There's something delightful about a caterpillar cake. Seeing one on a party table gives adults a great sense of nostalgia and reminds us of birthday parties we had or attended as a child. But have you ever tried to make your own?

It's surprisingly simple. The base is a chocolate swiss roll which is a quick cake to bake. This one is far more luxurious than the store-bought with a Nutella filling and chocolate ganache coating.

Get the recipe from Tastemade here.

You've probably enjoyed a glass of prosecco or two at a party, but have you ever had it in a cake?

This spectacular centrepiece is easier to make than you might think. The sponger layers are infused with a prosecco syrup which helps to keep them moist and adds flavour. The chopped strawberries sandwiched between the layers and on top of the cake makes this quite luxurious. It's perfect for summer and making the most of strawberry season.

Get the recipe from Good Housekeeping here.

We've got another boozy cake option, this time inspired by a classic cocktail. This espresso martini cake is wonderfully indulgent.

For those who love chocolate and coffee in equal measure and cocktails, this cake is perfect. It is made with chocolate sponges which are drizzled with a coffee liqueur. These are stacked and sandwiched together with an espresso mascarpone icing. This showstopper is luscious and rich – it makes a fabulous celebration cake.

Get the recipe from Sainsbury's here.

Sometimes keeping things simple is best. That's why we love this beautiful fruit topped sponge. And this Vanilla Cake topped with fruit is perfect for a summer celebration when you can easily buy delicious ripe berries. This cake is gluten-free and vegan and is therefore perfect for those who suffer from food intolerances. The sponge is still deliciously moist without an egg substitute and has a delicious coconut cream frosting.

Get the recipe from The Loopy Whisk here.

A lemon cake is always a hit, especially in the spring and summer, as it is light, zesty and moist. This Vegan Lemon and Raspberry cake is as delicious as it looks! The simple, elegant decoration looks marvellous, and the layers of sponge look delightful with raspberries sandwiched between the layers. The beautiful ombre effect is created using coconut cream icing combined with a raspberry reduction for a naturally coloured cake.

Get the recipe from The Loopy Whisk here.

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