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The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Experience

Craving the Ultimate Hot Chocolate Experience? The Salter Chocolatier Makes it Effortless

There's nothing quite like a steaming mug of rich, creamy hot chocolate to chase away the winter blues or to add a touch of indulgence to a cozy evening. But let's be honest, sometimes the thought of whisking over a stove or dealing with messy pots and pans can take the shine off that perfect cup. We have the solution for you, the Salter Chocolatier, your gateway to the ultimate hot chocolate experience – and it's about to become your new favourite kitchen gadget.

Create hot or cold barista grade drinks at home with the perfect milk froth using The Chocolatier from Salter Professional. With a 240ml capacity for heating simply add dairy, plant-based milk or water to The Chocolatier along with your favourite chocolate flakes, touch the button to create ultimate indulgent hot chocolate in under 5 minutes. Perfect for smooth and luxurious drinks; The Chocolatier has a 115ml capacity for milk frothing and has cold, thick and light froth options ideal for iced coffee and frappes.

  • Indulge in the ultimate hot chocolate with The Chocolatier from Salter Professional and enjoy barista grade drinks in under 5 minutes.
  • With 240ml heating capacity add dairy, plant based milk or water with your favourite chocolate flakes to enjoy velvety hot chocolate.
  • With a 115ml milk frothing capacity; use the cold frothing function for frappes and top coffee with light or thick hot foam.
  • Smooth and seamless, The Chocolatier has a cordless design, user-friendly touch control panel and is non-stick for easy cleaning.
  • Reimagine indulgent hot chocolate and get creative with flavours; add a pinch of chilli, orange zest, mint, almond, coconut or matcha.

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Salter Chocolatier

Make the ultimate hot chocolate or perfectly frothed milk

With the Salter Chocolatier, you can go beyond your average coffee shop hot chocolate experience and create the most intensely smooth and luxurious experience possible. Even if hot chocolate isn't your thing, The Chcolatier will take your hot or cold drinks to the next level by helping you to create velvety smooth frothed milk.

Effortless Indulgence: From Powder to Perfection in under 5 minutes

The Chocolatier's simple design is perfect for busy mornings or relaxing evenings. Its sleek, cordless construction ensures a clutter-free countertop, while the intuitive controls makes whipping up a decadent hot chocolate a breeze. Simply add your preferred milk (dairy or plant-based, the Chocolatier handles it all!), your favourite chocolate flakes or powder, and let the magic happen.

Gone are the days of lumpy cocoa or burnt milk. The Chocolatier boasts an automatic heating and frothing function, ensuring a smooth, luxurious texture every single time. Whether you crave a classic hot cocoa or something a little more adventurous (think peppermint, orange zest, or even a hint of chili!), the Chocolatier caters to all taste buds.

Hot chocolate ideas with the salter chocolatier

Beyond the Mug: A Multi-Talented Marvel

But the Chocolatier's talents extend far beyond the realm of hot chocolate. This versatile appliance doubles as a milk frother, allowing you to craft barista-quality cappuccinos and lattes at home. Fancy a refreshing iced coffee? The Chocolatier even has a cold frothing setting for perfectly chilled beverages.

Transform Your Kitchen into a Personal Hot Chocolate Bar

With the Salter Chocolatier at your side, your kitchen transforms into a personal hot chocolate bar. Experiment with different flavours, toppings, and even create hot chocolate flights for the ultimate indulgence. It's perfect for cozy movie nights, entertaining guests, or simply treating yourself to a little "me time."

The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Experience Awaits

So, ditch the instant packets and messy stovetop methods. The Salter Chocolatier is all you need to experience the ultimate hot chocolate – rich, creamy, and effortlessly delicious. This little appliance offers convenience, versatility, and endless possibilities, making it the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Hot chocolate with salted caramel and orange zest

Ready to elevate your hot chocolate game?  Grab your Salter Chocolatier today and let the cozy cocoa creations begin!

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