World Earth Day 2022

Posted by Team Salter on 19th Jun 2024

World Earth Day 2022

Earth Day will be celebrated by millions across the world on Friday the 22 nd April 2022. The event was founded in 1969 in protest against an oil spill in California and has now evolved into one of the most widely observed celebrations for environmental movement. This year’s Earth Day theme centres around investing in our planet, focusing on the effects of climate change on the planet and how we can make changes to combat it. With Earth Day 2022 being just around the corner, here at Salter we’ve provided some small ways you can join in this Earth Day and help invest in our planet.

Salter Eco Reusable Stainless Steel Straws, Set of 8

With plastic being the number one polluter of the planet it’s no surprise there’s 8.3 Billion plastic straws littering our beaches worldwide. Although they account for only 1% of plastic pollution in the ocean, they’re still consistently one of the top 10 most commonly found plastic products found during recycling clean ups.

To combat this, why not invest in some of our reusable stainless steel straws? Not only will it help drastically reduce the amount of straws that end up in our oceans but they’re a much safer alternative to plastic straws health wise. Plastic straws are often made from petroleum-derived polypropylene, which can create harmful toxins - so by opting to use a metal straw it helps cut down your exposure to these chemicals, as they are BPA free.

Our set contains 8 straws, both straight and curved, as well as a fibre cleaning brush and drawstring pouch meaning they’re the perfect addition to your home or handbag. To clean, simply add the straws to soap and water and insert the fibre cleaning brush into the straw. Leave to dry before putting them back into the pouch, then you’re good to go again!

Salter Straws

Salter XL Digital Hot Air Fryer with Non-Stick Basket

Unfortunately the rising use of energy in households is leading to an increase in the production of greenhouse gasses, to try and combat this why not switch from your electric oven to an air fryer? Not only will you be lowering your electricity usage you’ll also be lowering your electricity bills as an air fryer uses less energy – that’s a win-win in our eyes!

Our Salter XL digital hot air fryer is the perfect alternative to daily use of a domestic oven. Being able to preheat in just 3 minutes compared to around 10 minutes in a traditional oven it means you’re able to cook food around 25% quicker in an air fryer versus an oven. With pre-set options for certain food groups, it’s easy to pop your food in then simply wait and trust your air fryer will be doing just as good of a job compared to your oven.

Potato Wedges

Pan for Life

Our Pan for Life range is the perfect investment if you’re looking for cookware to last a lifetime. Long gone are the days of throwing out your old pans into scrap metal once the non-stick coating begins to fade. With our Pan for Life range, simply season the pans upon your initial purchase by warming on the hob and sealing in the non-stick coating with a little oil and re-seasoning when necessary.

The Pan for Life range has a unique patina coating, which over time creates an easy release surface on the base of the pan meaning the longer you use the pans, the better they perform. By taking that extra time to properly dry your pans and re-season when necessary, your kitchen is becoming that little bit more environmentally friendly.

Stay on theme with Earth Day this year and help invest in our planet by investing in new cookware which will stand the test of time.

Eco Power Digital Bathroom Scale, Black

Our Salter Eco Power Digital Bathroom Scales are the perfect addition to your bathroom if you’re looking for a new set of scales but aren’t ready to commit to replacing the batteries in them every 6 months. Long gone are the days of recycling and buying new batteries for your scales once your current ones die. These scales switch on by using a simple push button powered by your weight which generates just enough power to give you a personalised weight reading before they turn off again.

With 600 Million used batteries ending up in landfill every year in the UK, there’s no better time than now to replace your current scales with our Battery free eco scales to help do your bit on world eco day. 

Salter Scales