Jug Blenders

Want to take the effort out of preparing your favourite soups and vitamin-packed smoothies? Look no further. Our range of jug blenders are designed to take the difficulties out of preparing your ingredients, with multiple levels of blending power to help reach your desired consistency.


Sitting neatly on your countertop, using a glass jug blender is an easy way to incorporate fruit or vegetables in milkshakes and smoothies – great for hiding all the goodness in drinks for kids (and some grown ups!). The blenders are also fitted with stainless steel blending blades to combine and emulsify your ingredients. Some of our blenders are lighter, including plastic jugs for ease of use. Several are multi-functional by design, including additional containers such as sports bottles for protein shakes or food processor bowls for chopping and slicing.


Prefer to keep things simple? Our selection of hand blenders are lightweight and allow for greater control as you blend and puree your ingredients as you need. Using a food blender is a great way to make weaning food recipes, salsas and salad dressings. For further meal inspiration, why not check out our recipes page.


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