Fitness & Analyser Scales

Fitness scales measure much more than just body weight - these health scales provide users with a comprehensive array of health metrics, enabling them to measure and monitor their vital stats quickly, easily and accurately. Suitable for all body types and lifestyles, Salter digital weight scales allow users to track their weight, monitor BMI and accurately measure body fat percentage, hydration level, bone mass and even muscle mass.


Whether you are an avid gym-goer working towards fitness goals, or simply keeping an eye on your waistline, our BMI weight scales are easy to read and offer measurements in kilos, stones or pounds. Suitable for use by the whole family, our body analyser scales have multiple user memories plus athlete or child mode in order to get the most accurate results. If you’re a budding sportsperson, our body fat weight scales offer precise readings which means you can have a clearer indicator of your fitness levels.


Salter analyser bath scales are designed to make the process of tracking your body composition more efficient and accurate. We even stock Bluetooth Smart Analyser Scales, innovative smart scales that effortlessly connect with the free Salter Health app to allow you to get a clearer picture of your performance.


For those who prefer things more traditional, we have developed a wide range of digital bathroom scales and mechanical weighing scales, simple to use and easy to read.


Struggling to choose the best bathroom scale for you? Our handy blog post explains the differences between the types of scales that are readily available, to help you settle on the perfect fit.