Woks & Frying Pans

Discover the versatility and advantages of our Woks and Frying Pans. Perfect for high-heat cooking, our woks ensure even heat distribution, quick cooking, and meals with little to no oil, promoting healthier cooking methods. Ideal for stir-frying, they help retain the flavour, texture, and nutritional value of your ingredients. Our frying pans offer an even cooking surface, ease of use, and ergonomic handling, making them perfect for frying, searing, and browning. Built for durability and easy maintenance, our Cookware heightens your cooking experience.

Why not get the set? Whether you’re purchasing your first set of cookware and cooking equipment or upgrading your kitchen we have the pieces for you! Included in our Sets are Saucepans, Woks, Griddle Pans, Frying Pans and so much more, all designed to aid and assist you in your cooking. Enjoy fantastic equipment built for performance and convenience!


Established in 1760 and originally a family business, Salter is one of the oldest housewares brands in the UK. Our design team think carefully about how your home works, combining convenient kitchenware and small appliances with modern innovations.