Energy Saving Cooking

Here at Salter, we know how important it is to make your money go further – that’s why we’ve created our Save With Salter Collection, where you can find all our appliances that help save energy all in one place!


Air fryers don’t just help you achieve healthy fried food with less oil, they also use less energy and cook food quicker than in a traditional oven, so you can save money on your energy bills! Enjoy crispy chips, fried chicken, and tasty vegetables with less fat and less energy usage.


Fancy a homemade soup for lunch tomorrow? Well, you can enjoy a nutrient-rich meal while saving a huge 65% off your energy bills (compared to the energy used on a 1.8 kW electric hob). With our range of soup makers, you can make a classic tomato soup, or a flavoursome stilton and broccoli soup. Why not take a look at our selection of soup maker recipes for some inspiration?


In the mood for more veggies? Our 3-tier food steamer uses less energy than an electric hob and provides crisp and tasty meals in minutes! From moist and flaky fish to fresh carrots and cauliflower, you can cook low-fat meals while saving on money.


That’s not all! This collection is rounded up with appliances like egg cookers and slow cookers, so no matter what dinner you’re making tonight, you can save with Salter. Save money. Save time. Save energy.