Frozen Raspberry & Vodka Slush Puppie Cocktails Recipe

Blended together in our NutriPro  slush-puppy-.png

Recipe by @slimming.gym.and.gin


300g Frozen raspberries
2 Limes Juice only
50 ml Smirnoff Raspberry Crush Vodka
250ml Blue Raspberry Slush Puppie Pouch (Frozen)
A dash of Diet Lemonade


Step one: Pour the frozen Blue Raspberry Slush Puppie Pouch into a chilled glass
Step two: Add 300g of frozen raspberries directly to the Salter Nutri-Pro 100 blender and blend until you have an even frozen puree slush with no lumps
Step three: Add the Smirnoff Raspberry Crush Vodka to the raspberry puree and the juice of two limes
Step four: Add the handy blender flip top lid for pouring and pour the raspberry puree into the glass. Top with diet lemonade
Step five: Garnish with extra raspberries and a lime wedge