Glass Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

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Originating as a family business and now the UK’s oldest housewares brand, Salter is as trusted today as it always has been.

No dining table should be without seasoning. This compact Glass Shaker Set by Salter can be kept on your kitchen counter or popped in a drawer out of the way until you need them. Shake to distribute salt and pepper to season food when you are cooking or leave them on the table for your guests when they are eating. The transparent glass body makes it easy to see when it’s time to top up, so you’ll never be without seasoning. To refill, all you need to do is unscrew the tops and pour ground salt or pepper inside. The simple and stylish glass and stainless-steel design of these shakers will go perfectly with any décor and look pleasing on any table.

  • Dual set of bevelled glass shakers.
  • Stainless Steel Screw Caps- S & P orientation pin holes.
  • Food Grade Soda Glass.
  • Salter Logo on product base.
  • Supplied unfilled.
4.50 (cm)
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