Grated Egg Salad Bagel


 2 eggs
1 bagel/slice of bread
½ avocado
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar 
1 tbsp soy sauce
Sprinkle garlic powder
Salt and pepper
Hot sauce


Step 1: Steam your eggs for 20 minutes in the steamer
Step 2: Whilst your eggs are steaming, add the avocado to a bowl, mash, then add your soy sauce and apple cider vinegar, as well as your salt and garlic powder
Step 3: When the eggs are done, add to a bowl of ice cold water, and leave to cool down for 5 minutes
Step 4: Toast your bread/bagel, and meanwhile peel the eggs
Step 5: Grate your eggs, then to your toast, add the smashed avocado, grated egg, and top with hot sauce and season to taste