Easy Homemade Fudge Recipe

Get it just right with the Heston Blumenthal Temperature Probe homemade-fudge.jpg


450g golden caster sugar
400ml double cream
50g butter
1 tbsp glucose syrup
1 tbsp vanilla extract


Step 1: line a 36cm tin with greaseproof paper
Step 2: Combine the milk, sugar, and butter in a saucepan and heat, stirring continuously until the sugar has dissolved
Step 3: Bring to the boil for 15-20 minutes, continuing to stir
Step 4: Using a temperature probe, ensure the mixture has reached 115°C, when it should be a soft ball
Step 5: Remove from the heat and add the vanilla extract, then leave to cool for 5 minutes
Step 6: Stir through the mixture with a spoon until it starts to thicken, then pour it into the tin and leave to set overnight
Step 7: Cut the set fudge up and serve