Fridge & Freezer Thermometers

Prevent your food or drinks from spoiling and keep your appliances at an optimum temperature by using a fridge thermometer or a freezer thermometer. Investing in a fridge freezer thermometer is the best way to ensure your ingredients are being stored safely and in the right conditions, keeping your food healthy and safe to eat. Monitoring the internal temperature of your refrigerator or freezer is also a good way to indicate if you have it set too high or too low – allowing you to adjust accordingly in line with energy costs too.


This is particularly important for those looking to preserve food for long periods of time, as the Salter thermometer can help you to maintain the ideal temperature of -18°C in your freezer, and between 0°C and 5°C in your fridge, thus preventing food waste.


We also stock a range of digital meat thermometers which measure the internal temperature of your food to ensure it is cooked the whole way through. You can use a cooking thermometer on your Sunday roast, when making confectionary or jam, and as a poultry thermometer.


Enhance your culinary skills with our range of kitchen accessories. Alongside our range of kitchen thermometers, our handy timers, cutlery sets and knife sharpeners are all available to take the hassle out of meal preparation.