Milk Frothers

Create barista-style beverages and show off your creative flair with an electric milk heater and frother. Achieving the perfect balance between filtered coffee, foam and milk isn’t always easy, but with your own milk frother, you are in control. Not just limited to your morning coffee, an electric milk frother is also great for producing foam to add to hot chocolate, chai lattes, dairy based cocktails and more. From latte art to affogatos, creating your own foam-topped treats couldn’t be easier.


What type of milk should I use for frothing?

Traditionally, many baristas will agree that using full-fat cow’s milk achieves the best froth or foam for your drinks; however the science lies in the fat content of the milk you are using. Any type of cow’s milk will foam and froth effectively, however if you are using plant-based alternatives these may behave differently when trying to froth - some work better than others. For foam, try higher protein milks such as soy, and if you are using oat milk it’s best not to heat it to avoid curdling. To refine the taste of your drink, switch up plain milk for a stronger flavoured product such as almond milk.


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