Waffle Makers

Upgrade your brunch-making with a waffle iron – not just for desserts. Prepare your desired batter mix, add to the waffle machine and wait until they are fluffy and golden. Incredibly versatile, waffles are a great choice for any meal in the day: top sweetened waffles with strawberries and honey for breakfast, whip up a hearty lunch with fried chicken, waffles and gravy; or indulge in a decadent chocolatey treat for an after dinner treat.


Our non-stick waffle makers include a deep fill model which makes up to 3 times thicker waffles for you to decorate and enjoy. For the ultimate in multi-functional kitchen gadgets, some of our snack makers have interchangeable plates, so you can cook toasties, omelettes, waffles and paninis all with one appliance.


Prefer a lighter snack? Our toastie makers are a great option for quick lunches, and our popcorn makers use hot air to cook the kernels - when measured in our Gourmet Electric Popcorn Maker, 1 cup of kernels contains just 30 calories before adding toppings.


Expand your culinary skills and try out new recipes with our innovative selection of small kitchen appliances – crafted to take your cooking experience to the next level.