Egg Poachers & Omelette Makers

Not just for mornings, eggs are a common food staple and choosing an egg cooker is a great way to take the stress out of cooking. For soft eggs, an electric egg poacher ensures gentle cooking over a water bath, whereas our egg boiler cooks hard boiled eggs to your liking – perfect for snacking on the go.


Prefer making meals to be effortless? Our non-stick omelette makers are easy to use – simply whisk your ingredients together, add to the preheated appliance and leave to cook. Multi-functional by design, our omelette maker isn’t just for fluffy egg-based treats; you can cook multiple dishes such as stuffed chicken breasts, wraps and desserts.


Keeping things traditional, we also have an egg poaching pan – supplied with poaching cups, but also works as a non-stick frying pan to assist in making scrambled eggs and more.


If reaching for the egg carton is your idea of a heavenly brunch, pair poached eggs with tea and toast for a tasty breakfast. Add extra vitamins to your morning with fresh pressed juice – homemade means you know exactly what is in your drink, with no added preservatives.


Got leftover eggs? Some of our favourite ideas include chocolate cakes, scotch eggs and tea-infused eggs with ramen. Check out our recipes section for more inspiration.


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