Spinach and Goats Cheese Pie Recipe filo-pie-.jpg


270g filo pastry
250g baby spinach leaves
Fresh dill, chopped
50g pine nuts
100g goats cheese, grated


Step 1: Add the spinach to frying pan with a little bit of water and cook for a couple of minutes until wilted.
Strain the spinach through a colander to remove any excess water and roughly chop.
Step 2: Half the filo pastry sheets widthways, you should have 13 sheets in total. Cover the base of a baking tin, making sure to layer and overlap the sheets.
Step 3: Spoon half of the spinach into the tin and scattering some of the dill and pine nuts and goats cheese.
Step 4: Add 4 more sheets of pastry and brush with oil.Repeat the previous steps to make a second layer with the remaining spinach, dill, pine nuts and cheese. Top with the final sheets of pastry and brush with oil.

Bake for 40 minutes until golden and enjoy!