Pork loin with Bearnaise butter and Parmentier Potatoes pork-loin-and-potatoes.jpg


260g Pork loin chop
1 large baking potato, or 300g any waxy type of potato
1 field mushroom
40g on the vine cherry tomatoes
50g salted butter
3g fresh thyme sprigs
5g fresh Tarragon
1 clove garlic
1 banana shallot



Step1: Plug in and switch on the air fryer at the mains power supply. Choose the combination oven option, and set the temperature to 180°C.
Step 2: Making the Bearnaise butter – Remove the butter from the fridge until it is at room temperature. Finely dice half the banana shallot, chop the tarragon and mix into the butter, combining well. On a clean, flat surface, place a sheet of cling film around 30cm by 30cm. Spoon the butter mixture onto the cling film and roll up to form a cylinder. Tie the ends and place back in the refrigerator to harden.
Step3: Peel the potato and slice into 2cm cubes. Coat in oil and season. Place in the fryer compartment and cook for 8 minutes. Shake/turn.
Step 4: Change the setting to air fryer and set at 180°C. Chop the garlic clove, and place on the field mushroom along with the thyme sprigs. Add a splash of water, a little olive oil and season. Wrap the mushroom in an aluminum foil package to retain the moisture. Place the mushroom in the fryer compartment.
Step 5: Oil and season the pork chop, and place into the fryer compartment. Cook everything at 180°C for 8-10 minutes.
Step 6: Remove the Pork and set aside to rest. Place the vine tomatoes in the fryer and cook along with the potatoes and mushroom for 3 minutes.
Step 7: Remove the cling film from the Bearnaise butter and slice off a 1cm thick piece. Sit the butter on top of the pork chop to melt.
Step 8: Serve