Greek Style Pork Kebabs Recipe kebabs-square.jpg

Recipe by @Alwaysinthekitchen_

Perfect in our EK5196GW Dual View Air Fryer


4x Pork shoulder steaks cut into cubes 
1 tsp dried oregano 
1 tsp dried mint 
½ tsp paprika 
Salt & Pepper 
1 tbsp Red wine vinegar 
1 tbsp Garlic Olive oil or regular 


Step 1: Marinade the pork shoulder for a minimum of 1 hr. Preferably overnight 
Step 2: Assemble the meat onto 4 skewers 
Step 3: Air fry on 190 for 18 minutes turning half way 
Step 4: Serve with fresh salad, tzatziki and squeeze of fresh lemon juice