Veggie Fritters Recipe fritters-square.jpeg

Recipe by @Alwaysinthekitchen_

Perfect in our BW02763G1 Marblestone Frying Pan 


2 medium courgettes 
1 tbsp fresh mint 
1 tbsp fresh parsley  
70g feta 
60g plain flour 
1 beaten egg 
Freshly ground pepper 
2 tbsp neutral oil  


Step 1: Coarsely grate the courgettes over a tea towel or muslin. Over a bowl, squeeze out as much excess moisture as possible  
Step 2: Chop up the fresh herbs & crumble up the feta 
Step 3: In a bowel mix all the ingredients together apart from the oil. Season well with pepper. You do not need salt as the feta gives that nice salty flavour  
Step 4:Roll the mixture into 8 patties. If you find the mixture is too wet add a little more flour 
Step 5: Heat the oil on a medium temperature. Fry the fritters on each side for 3 minutes.  
Step 6: Serve either hot or cold with some tzatziki or garlic mayo