Salter Health Information Hub

Tune into your body with the Salter Health app, a quick and easy way of capturing and reviewing your health metrics, ensuring you’re the healthiest version of you.

Take Control of Your Health


Set personal goals and track key health metrics with easy to read graphs.

Invite friends and family to private groups and achieve your goals together.

Explore your data trends to gain a deeper understanding of your health.



Dashboard One-off readings don’t always give the whole picture. Monitoring change over time can help you to track nutrition, habits and allow you to make necessary changes to maintain healthier choices.

Groups Groups allow you to create a shared space where you can work with your friends and family in a fun, competitive environment and help each other to complete your own individual goals.

Profiles Set up multiple profiles on one device and easily switch between them, allowing you to easily track and keep a record of your family’s health.

Linked Accounts Link your account with your personal trainer, friends or family to share your data with those who matter to you to increase your chance of success.

Metrics Review your most recent measurements at a glance with the metrics page or explore past data in full detail by selecting one of the categories and using the history tool.

Goals Set goals on up to 13 health metrics and choose to either achieve new goals or set targets to maintain current progress.

Works with all Salter connected Products Backward compatible with all current Salter connected products.

Export your data Export any metric data as either PDF or CSV for easy sharing with healthcare professionals