Eco Range

Established in 1760, Salter is one of the oldest housewares brands in the UK, so we know how much things have changed over the years. Now more than ever, our design team think carefully about the planet, creating quality eco housewares that also help you to do your part for the environment.


Ideal for enjoying cold beverages, cocktails or iced tea, our reusable straws are great as an environmentally friendly alternative to their plastic counterparts. In a difference to paper straws, metals straws don’t go soggy in your drink, so you can use them time and time again. 


For the environmentally conscious, our eco electricals include scales. Choose from a model which is fully rechargeable via USB or even choose one with no batteries at all – our innovative push to power button generates energy from your body weight to power on the device.

In addition to eco appliances, we stock efficient pans which are finished with eco-friendly non-stick coatings. Helping the environment, without compromising on performance.


Whether you’re a style conscious shopper looking to stay on top of the latest cookware trends or simply looking to invest in quality small kitchen appliances, Salter has something for every home.