Blades & Attachments Spare Parts

Keep your appliance in peak condition by replacing worn attachments. Whether it’s replacement blades for electric carving knives or a blender attachment for your Salter NutriPro, we supply parts for a range of our products in order to do our bit to help the environment. By replacing one part of your unit, you can easily avoid having to throw away the whole appliance.


Which attachment do I need?
• Balloon whisk – use for incorporating more air into the mixture when beating egg whites for fluffy meringues. 
• Dough hook – use to mix and knead bread dough instead of doing it by hand. 
• Beater attachment – use for mixing together pancake batter and cake mix.
• Frother disc – use in our electric frother to create warm, foamy milk.
• Blending blade – use with our blenders to crush ice, puree fruit and blitz through soup ingredients. 


Looking for something else? If you’re looking to buy spare parts such as an additional filter or carafe for your coffee machine, or perhaps a cover or carpet feet for your bathroom scale – we have something for you. Simply browse our range of appliance spares for replacement bulbs, cooking thermometer probes and blending jugs.