Understanding Your BMI



Some Salter scales use BIA (Bio Impedance Analysis) technology which passes a small electrical impulse through the body to distinguish fat from lean tissue. The electrical impulse cannot be felt and is perfectly safe. Contact with the body is made via stainless steel pads or a conductive film on the scale platform. This method simultaneously calculates your personal weight, body fat, total body water, BMI, Basal Metabolic Rate, bone mass and muscle mass, giving you a more accurate reading of your overall health and fitness.

CAUTION : Do not use BIA function if you have a pacemaker or other medical device fitted. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

Salter scales are for domestic use only. Pregnant women should only use the weight function.


The human body is made up of, amongst other things, a percentage of fat. This is vital for a healthy, functioning body - it cushions joints and protects vital organs, helps regulate body temperature, stores vitamins and helps the body sustain itself when food is scarce. However, too much body fat or indeed too little body fat can be damaging to your health. It is difficult to gauge how much body fat we have in our bodies simply by looking at ourselves in the mirror. This is why it is important to measure and monitor your body fat percentage. Body fat percentage gives you a better measure of fitness than weight alone - the composition of your weight loss could mean you are losing muscle mass rather than fat -you could still have a high percentage of fat even when a scale indicates 'normal weight'.