Bathroom Weighing Scales

Bathroom scales are essential for monitoring your health and fitness progress. With a variety of options available, including traditional mechanical scales and selection of smart scales packed with advanced features, it can be tough to choose the right one for you.


Here at Salter, our scales are our iconic products – so we know a thing or two about selecting the most accurate bathroom scale to suit your needs and to help you work towards your fitness goals. When shopping for bath scales, it’s important to consider measurement accuracy, weight capacity, and if it has enough features to help you track specific health targets.


Even if you are just keeping an eye on your waistline, our accurate digital scales have been designed to match any bathroom; including compact glass body weight scales or even an anti-slip bathroom scale with interchangeable covers. For the athletes and exercise fans, our fitness scales include various body fat weight scales, which allow you to take accurate readings of your bone mass, body water, BMI and much more. We also offer innovative Bluetooth smart scales, which when paired with the free Salter Health app, allow you to track your progress digitally for as long as you need.


If you prefer things more traditional, look for our mechanical weighing scales, complete with large, easy to read dials and pointing needles. Traditional scales also don't require batteries, which can help reduce waste.


Crafted to suit any bathroom, we have a huge variety of weighing scales available in multiple colours, designs and specifications. From hidden until lit to fun printed motifs, it couldn’t be simpler to choose bathroom weighing scales that match your décor the best.


Still weighing up the options? To help you make your decision, our handy blog post explains all you need to know about choosing the best bathroom scales for your lifestyle.