Big Button Digital Kitchen Timer

397 SVXR

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No longer have to squint to see the clear LCD digital display with the Salter Big Button Electric Timer and never burn your food again. Designed to help aspiring chefs and novices, the compact kitchen timer ensures your food will come out perfect every time. Stand the timer on your kitchen worktop or conveniently stick to your fridge, oven or any other magnetic surface. With a 99 minute 59 second limit, this device has a loud beeper to let you know when your tasty meal is ready. If the battery compartment does not close securely, stop using the product and keep it away from children. If you think batteries have been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body, seek immediate medical attention.

  • Designed with the user in mind, the Big Button Digital Kitchen Timer from Salter is a must have kitchen essential for cooking.
  • With a 99 minute and 59 second count up and count down, the timer is perfect for keeping track of your delicious cooking.
  • Conveniently magnetic, the timer can be stuck onto the fridge, oven or any other magnetic surface, or stand on your kitchen worktop.
  • The large start and stop button means no more fumbling with buttons, simply press the button to start and stop your timer.
  • The compact design means you can not only use the kitchen timer at home but when going camping, caravanning and on staycations.

Originating as a family business and now the UK’s oldest housewares brand, Salter is as trusted today as it always has been.

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