24th Aug 2021

Benefits of Tracking Your Weight

Benefits of Tracking Your Weight

If you’re someone who loves staying fit, you’ll probably be aware of the process of tracking and monitoring your weight and its benefits. However, with our busy schedule, it can be easy to lose track of your current health situation. Depending upon how much you exercise, the process may vary from person to person, and with the advent of digital technology, tracking progress is only getting easier and beneficial to your training.

If you regularly track your weight, you may not need to be convinced. However, still, keep reading as this is still for you! If you do not normally track your weight, read on to understand why it may be important.

Here are 5 benefits of tracking your weight:


Tracking your weight increases your efficiency in terms of your time and workouts. Not only will it push you to do better, but will also drive you to be your own competition!


Tracking your weight is surely motivating and reinforces to remind you why you are doing this in the first place. When you notice progress, by looking through your logs, it immediately makes you realise how far you’ve come, only motivating you further. There is absolutely nothing like hard work being paid off!


While you’re working hard to shed off those extra pounds, or even just to stay fit in general, tracking your weight regularly makes you choose healthy food options for your regular meals. Make this a regular affair and staying fit will be your second nature!


Research shows that staying fit in general can improve your mood and decrease symptoms of depression. Better nutrition, higher self-esteem, and the benefits of exercise all contribute to an improved outlook on life.


As you make eating healthier foods a habit, you’ll notice that your tastes and food preferences will change. While you will always have a favourite indulgence, but over time you will become more selective on where you save and where you splurge calories. For example, you may splurge on chips or fries and not like how you feel afterwards, which will reduce the likelihood that those cravings will creep up again.

Even though conventional wisdom says to weigh yourself once a week, it might be time to rethink that advice.

Our favourite scale is the Salter Curve Bluetooth Smart Analyser Bathroom Scale, you can easily sync this analyser scale to your smartphone using the MiBody app, to track your weight and tell how well you’re progressing.

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