Celebrate Wimbledon With Iconic Wimbledon Treats by Salter

Posted by Team Salter on 19th Jun 2024

Celebrate Wimbledon This Year With Some Iconic Wimbledon Treats

Strawberries and Cream

Whether or not you follow Wimbledon each year you’ve probably heard about their iconic strawberries and cream. The traditional treat became popular through the seasonality of strawberries coming in around the same time as Wimbledon and for their ‘fashion’ in the early 1900’s.

Cream is the best accompaniment to strawberries at Wimbledon. We use our  Cosmos Hand Whisk to create the perfect cream to put on top of the ripest in-season strawberries to really get into the Wimbledon spirit this year.

If you want to be exact, use our Great British Disc Digital Kitchen Scales to measure the precise amount of strawberries and cream for your guests and save any arguments about differing portion sizes!


Strawberries and Cream Victoria Sponge

220g caster sugar

220g softened butter

4 eggs

220g self-raising flour

1 tsp baking powder

2 tbsp milk


Vanilla extract (optional)

Strawberry jam


Cream (of your choice)

A delicious traditional British indulgence that is a great addition to our iconic Wimbledon treats. Our products can help you create that perfect, fluffy sponge that will look great at any Wimbledon party.

This strawberries and cream cake is bound to win you some extra point from your guests.

Firstly, start by pre heating your oven to 200’C and butter two baking tins.

In a bowl mix together, sugar, butter, 4 eggs, self-raising flour, 1tsp baking powder and 2tpsp of milk until the mixture looks creamy and soft - this is made easier with our  Kitchen bowl scales.

Then simply split the mixture up into two of our Marble Collection Carbon Steel Non Stick Round Baking Pans making sure each side is even and smooth on top.

Bake carefully for 22-25 minutes until the cake is a lovely golden colour, then test with a skewer or a knife - if this comes out clean then the sponge is ready. If needed, place it back in the oven for a few more minutes to bake thoroughly.

Once fully baked, release the cake from the tin onto a cooling rack.

Now for the fun bit, grab your Salter hand blender and whisk your cream (add some vanilla extract if you want an extra bit of flavour). Once the cream is fluffy and blended thoroughly, spoon into the centre of one of the sponges (leaving enough for the top of the cake). Add strawberries or fresh strawberry jam on top of the cream and sandwich both sponges together.

The top of the cake is all down too you – a creative finish is guaranteed to draw in the crowd.


Pimm’s O’clock Cream Scones

We’ve mentioned this recipe before but we are obsessed! And what is more fitting than Pimm’s scones during Wimbledon. Our products help to create that perfect match point desert this Wimbledon season. This will provide you the ultimate flavours of summer. Our Metallic Non-stick Baking Tray is the perfect addition in creating these lovely boozy scones.

For the Scones:

300g self-raising flour

½ tsp baking powder

100g cold butter

40g golden caster sugar

Zest 2 lemons

160ml buttermilk

4 tbsp full-fat milk

In a large bowl, combine the flour with the baking powder, then rub in the butter until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Incorporate the sugar and the lemon zest. (For speed, try using one of our  Stand Mixers)

In a jug, mix the buttermilk and the milk, and then pour into the flour mixture. Stir through the mixture until you have soft dough. Place the dough onto a well-floured board and press it down to 3cm in thickness. Cut out and knead into circles then lay onto the baking sheet. Dust the top with flour, then cook for 10 minutes until risen and golden.

For the Pimm’s Strawberry Jam:

4 tbsp Pimm's

3 tbsp golden caster sugar

300g sliced strawberries

To create a super simple jam, mix the Pimm’s and caster sugar in a bowl. Stir and crush in the strawberries, cover and infuse in the fridge for 1 hour. Try crushing a few mint leaves with the strawberries for an extra hint of flavours.

For the Cream:

300ml double cream

4 tbsp icing sugar

60ml Pimm's

Whisk the cream, icing sugar and Pimm’s until the mix just holds its shape. Here, we used our  Cosmos Electric Hand Mixer Whisk to create a perfectly light and fluffy finish.

To assemble:

Halve the cooled scones, add the jam and cream, then sandwich with the top half. These are the perfect Wimbledon treat and definitely a winner in our eyes.


We hope you enjoy indulging into our iconic Wimbledon treats whilst watching the iconic championships this year!