Why You Should Use Kitchen Scales Instead of Cups

Posted by Team Salter on 19th Jun 2024

Why You Should Use Kitchen Scales Instead of Cups

We are often asked why anyone should use kitchen scales instead of measuring cups and spoons. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why use of kitchen scales is preferable to the use of cups and spoons.

  • Speed of Preparation
  • Less washing up
  • More accuracy
  • Easier Conversion of Measurements

Speed of Preparation

Let's face it - measuring spoons and cups have a habit of 'disappearing' in cupboards and drawers. This, of course, means that you will first have to find them - which invariably takes time.

Using different types (wet and dry) of ingredients also means you may have to rinse out and dry your measuring implements between ingredients, which, of course, again serves to extend your preparation time.

Using kitchen scales, on the other hand, means all you need to do is take your scales; sit your mixing bowl on top; weigh your ingredients straight into it and hey presto, you're ready to roll.

Washing Up

Weighing your ingredients straight into the bowl also means you will have fewer items to wash up at the end - which again saves precious time and effort.

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Accuracy of Measurement

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, kitchen scales provide far more accurate measurements than cups and spoons, especially when it comes to dry ingredients. Fluffing and gently spooning flour, for example, into a single-cup measure may give you 85.05 g (3 oz), while dipping your cup resolutely into the flour and then levelling it could provide you with as much as 170.1 g (6 oz) - which can make a huge difference to how your cake turns out! With kitchen scales, weights can be measured with precision, ensuring your cakes turn out to perfection - every time.

Converting Measurements

What's more, most modern recipes use either metric or imperial weight measurements, which then must be converted into cups and spoons. While many cookbooks have conversion tables and there are also many Websites offering handy conversion tables (such as, for instance, Recipes4Us), the process of converting your weights will again take a great deal of time and effort. As cup and spoon sizes can vary between manufacturers, such tables will also only provide approximate weights at best.

Our digital kitchen scales, on the other hand, convert cups and spoons into imperial or metric weights at the touch of a button - quickly, easily and with outstanding accuracy.

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately, using kitchen scales saves time and effort and is far more accurate than using cups and spoons. We offer a wide range of digital; mechanical, and jug scales at competitive prices. Why not browse the range now?

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