To keep your home as clean as can be, sometimes you find you need a wide array of tools, holders, and accessories. We’ve gathered all our extra tools and equipment in one place to help you find the right products to keep your home sparkling!


So, what can you find here? We’ve got mop heads, step stools, scrubbing brushes, dusters, squeegees, and window wipers to help you out. There are even some handy storage caddies to keep your brushes neat and tidy.


If you’re looking for other cleaning appliances, check out our selection of vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, and mop and bucket sets, ideal for carpet cleaning, hard floors, and a range of household surfaces.


We can even assist with your laundry! Take a look at our irons and ironing boards to keep your clothing crease and wrinkle-free. You can find a coordinating range of cleaning and laundry items in our Warm Harmony Collection – perfect for those who like a matching aesthetic.