Brushes & Brooms

The first step to cleaning hard floors is having the right tool to remove dust and unwanted dirt. With our brushes and brooms, household cleaning is super quick and easy. Our team have created a variety of floor cleaners to suit any type of lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a long-handled broom or a compact dustpan and brush set, this impressive collection will meet all your floor-sweeping needs. Finished with strong and durable bristles, these sweepers can remove even the most stubborn dirt from bathrooms, kitchens, and hard surfaces.


Once you’ve found the right scrubbing brush, you may be looking for the best floor mop to accompany your latest addition. At Salter, we believe that having a clean and fresh-smelling floor can be hard to accomplish whether you have laminate, wooden, tile or vinyl flooring. With a wide variety of mop and bucket sets to choose from, rest assured your requirements will be met. 


Sprucing up furniture and getting to those hard-to-reach areas can be difficult without the right equipment to hand. Luckily at Salter, we have a wide variety of vacuum cleaners designed to facilitate an easy, hassle-free clean. From compact to handheld, it’s easy to stay on top of floor cleaning and keep surfaces looking spotless. Ideal for tackling both the ceiling and floor, a selection of our vacs include a motorised floor brush for a fast and efficient clean.


Whether you’re a cleaning fanatic or enjoy the odd spring blitz, our useful cleaning accessories can spruce up your living spaces in no time.