Floor Mops & Buckets

Whether you have laminate, wooden, tile or vinyl flooring, having a clean and fresh-smelling floor can be hard to accomplish. With a wide variety of mop and bucket sets to choose from, rest assured your requirements will be met at Salter. 


While nothing can beat the feeling of walking into a clean room, floors can quickly get dirty, especially in a busy home. Our team have expertly crafted a variety of hard floor mops which are designed to simplify this mundane household chore. Super absorbent, these mops are suitable for most hard floor types, with a soft cotton head for avoiding scratches or damages. As well as the traditional floor cleaners, flat head and spray mops are also available. Far more than a standard mop collection, these floorcare essentials have a variety of features, from fluffy heads to machine washable, expect the best results.


The first step of cleaning hard floors is having the right remover of dust and dirt. The last thing you need is to make your floors dirtier than they were before. With our brushes and brooms, this collection will help with your floor-sweeping needs.


Whether you’re a cleaning fanatic or enjoy the odd spring blitz, our useful cleaning accessories will spruce up your living spaces in no time. Ranging from shower cleaners to sink caddies, users will feel both revitalised and houseproud.