Steam Cleaners

Perfect for cleaning your home without the use of harsh chemicals, our handy steam cleaners are a faster and more convenient way of tackling mess. Suitable for floors, carpets and windows or mirrors, this collection allows you to clean your home with efficiency and simplicity. With a combination of steam and heat, dirt is absorbed, and bacteria is eliminated from floors.


When it comes to functional floor care, our collection of cleaning accessories will do the job right. If you’re looking for something more traditional, take a look at our brushes and brooms sets which are finished with strong and durable bristles. Whether you’re looking for long handled or compact dustpan and brush sets, this impressive collection will suit all your floor-sweeping needs. 


Sprucing up furniture and getting to those hard-to-reach areas can be difficult without the right equipment to hand. Luckily at Salter, we have a wide variety of vacuum cleaners designed to facilitate an easy, hassle-free clean. From compact to handheld users can stay on top of their floor cleaning and keep surfaces looking spotless.