Keep your floors and surfaces sparkling clean with our range of powerful vacuum cleaners! At Salter, we know how good a clean home feels, so we’ve developed a selection of vacuums designed to make cleaning your flooring easier.


Perfect for both carpet cleaning and hardwood, tile, vinyl, and other hard floors, our stick vacuum is cordless for easy handling and wonderfully lightweight so anyone can use it! Great for cleaning every inch of your home, you can use our stick vacs on the stairs, reaching up to the ceiling, and behind and underneath furniture. What more could you ever need?


Fed up with getting the dustpan and brush out for every mess? Why not take a look at our cordless handheld vacuum – its small size is perfect for quickly picking up crumbs from the worktop and sweeping up the car.


With a range of special features like HEPA filters for removing allergens, accessories for getting into all the nooks and crannies, and long-lasting batteries so you can clean your whole home in one go, our vacuums are great for every household.


If you’re looking for an even deeper clean, check out our steam cleaners to remove grime and bacteria. Or, for other ways to clean your hard floor types, why not try one of our mop and bucket sets?